Hibiscus Jamaica Ltd.
Reintegrating and resettling Jamaicans for over 20 years

Through our partnership with Choices, we adjusted our modus operandi to broaden the base of our clientele and to move away from our traditional welfare orientation. We are now mainly concerned with helping our clients to become self-sufficient in all aspects of their lives.

We are making available practical and short-term training in various skill and knowledge areas with life skills as the starting point of all of our development activities. Furthermore, our aim is to facilitate the transformation of our clients into successful entrepreneurs who, within a one-year period, can independently operate income-generating ventures that provide adequate resources to support their families and themselves. Additionally, it is anticipated that these ventures will employ at least one other member of our client’s community at least a part-time basis.

Our reintegration service activities include some or all of the following, depending on the individual situation:

  • Education and vocational skills training
  • Assistance in gaining employment or establishing self-employment
  • Assistance with business development and referral to micro-finance programmes
  • Social reintegration
  • Support for medical care
  • Networking
  • Mediation